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There is a reason we’re such a fan of the word solution, in fact we dare you to count how many times we use it on our website.

Your problems are unique to your culture, people, and organization. Which means the answers we develop will be just as varied as the clients we work with. It might be a program, a coach, or a leadership strategy and we won’t know until we create it together.

A big reason we love what we do, is the chance to explore what’s possible with you and your people. We want to hear your stories, experience your culture, and really understand the vision you’re creating.

Our testimonials speak about our commitment to culture and the unique challenges you’re experiencing. We’re not interested in routine solutions, because there is nothing routine about developing leaders and investing in creating a learning organization.


Our Experience

With 17 years of experience, we could list off all the industries and the many ways we’ve helped clients reach leadership and learning goals within their organizations. However, that’s not what sets us apart. We are passionate about clients who want to create a leadership legacy through your people and inspire beyond the walls of your organization.

  • We have developed leadership solutions across all sectors
  • We are skilled facilitators, coaches, and designers
  • We are academics who didn’t stop learning after we got the fancy degree
  • We have been in leadership roles with teams our entire career
  • Our clients genuinely like hanging out with us

For more details, check out who we are.

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Our Solutions

We believe if you’ve chosen to work with us, you want to build a partnership based on real needs. While we’re really smart, we have a goal to talk like human beings, provide honest observations, and ask really good questions that might shake things up a bit. We figure if you already knew what you wanted to hear, you wouldn’t have hired us.

We’ve focused our offerings into three key areas: programs, coaching, and design. This helps clients who want to poke around and make the link between our ideas and your desires. Where we get most inspired is exploring your needs together and developing a way to solve them. Uncovering what our clients want usually involves good tea (or strong coffee), a comfortable space, and lots of honesty.

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Our Creative Approach

People learn from failure, in fact research has shown we need to try, fail, try again, and learn as we go. Have you ever seen a baby start walking on their first try? That’s why our programs are experiential places for people to try new things, make mistakes, and keep learning.

Elaine Broe Solutions Outdoor

Outdoor Challenges

Step into the outdoor classroom to practice learning in the moment with your team. It’s easy to talk about effective communication, but practicing it 30 feet in the air is a whole other story.

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Arts Based Learning

Stretch your right brain muscles and get creative through experiential learning. Whether it’s breaking patterns or taking risks, we use whole brain learning to engage, learn, and have fun.

Elaine Broe Solutions Research

Researched Content

Our programs are based on proven theory and research in leadership and learning. We design solutions that deliver new learning with a chance for you to apply it to your own leadership practice.

Elaine Broe Solutions Tools Assessments

Tools & Assessments

Explore your personal communication behaviours, conflict sequence, or emotional intelligence with one of our many assessments. They can be completed for teams or used for individual coaching and development.



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