Who We Work With

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We collaborate with clients who are passionate about developing leadership at all levels in organizations.

You’re connected to the current needs of your people and curious about what is possible. Status quo isn’t part of your strategy and your team is interested in taking risks as leaders. As our partner you bring great ideas, openness, and a desire to deliver on the results we’re creating together. We promise, we hold ourselves to the same high standards.

Consultant can be a big, bad word that causes some people to roll their eyes. We've seen it, so don't try to argue. Call us the anti-consultant, learning architects, people who get things done on time, or just call us by our first name. Our main role with clients is to uncover what you want to solve and how to engage with people or processes in the right way to make that happen.

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Our Clients

In our careers we’ve worked with many clients and levels of leadership within organizations and communities. We have experience across all industries providing solutions for experienced and emerging leaders.  In addition, we work with a variety of coaching clients across North America with a focus on business development, leadership skills, and personal development. As faculty with The Banff Centre and THNK School of Creative Leadership, we collaborate with an international network of executives, creative innovators and social entrepreneurs.


Our Values

We base our partnerships on values connected to coaching, curiosity, fun, and change. Our clients are key partners in our commitment to honest communication and quality results.

  • How does your culture influence the development of leaders in your organization?
  • What framework exists to develop your leadership pipeline?
  • Why are people drawn to work for your company and why do they stay?
  • What type of leadership strengths do you bring to your team?
  • What is the most significant change you want to see for your people?


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Elaine Broe

Elaine Broe

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